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  My first children's book, published by

          HarperCollins/ Balzer + Bray

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'What I Love About You' is full of funny, tender affirmations about love and acceptance.

                     (It also acknowledges that things don't always go as planned!)


Publishers Weekly

In Farrington's first children's book, a parent praises its child's creativity, kindness, and other attributes. Read on its own, the text could be seen as borderline treacly ("Do you know what I love? I love when you're brave"), but the wonderfully oddball monster-animals on display in Farrington's collaged scenes speak joyfully to the happy chaos of family life: a round, carpet-textured creature with eyestalks unselfconsciously beams a gap-toothed smile to rival the most awkward of school photos, and later a lumpy beastie with a body made from grass uses six of its 12 appendages to tuck its little one in at night. It's a quirky ode to love, but an undeniably comforting one, too.

From School Library Journal

Toddler-PreS—In Farrington's debut picture book, monster parents ask, "Do you know what I love?" The monster children, who look like a combination of cute animals and aliens, are shown doing typical toddler and preschooler activities. Monster parents love their children when they smile, sing, create, and show kindness to others. Silliness means playing dress-up. Bravery is illustrated with a go-kart ride down a hill. Reading and sleeping merit extra love. The mixed-media illustrations consist of collages of different textures, patterns, and colors. Verbs stand out from the main text. VERDICT Children will feel loved after listening to this title read aloud to them. A bright and appealing lapsit choice.—Tanya Boudreau, Cold Lake Public Library, Alta.

Customer reviews

This book is an absolute treasure. The message is simple and perfect for young and, I do believe, old alike. The illustrations are creative, colorful and delightful. It is sweet, and gentle and the perfect gift for any child.- M. Weinman (Amazon reviews)

This is a truly remarkable children's book. The collage-like graphic images of the creatures have been described by many as whimsical - I think this word diminishes their power. I find them fantastic, odd in the best sense of this word, daring, eccentric, hilarious and playful. I think the images complement the central message of unconditional love by their character - they give the reader or listener the message that I love you, not regardless of, BUT BECAUSE OF, all your unusual/odd/daring/eccentric/funny attributes. It's a terribly important message for kids growing up in our world where what's considered "normal" is often different from who they are.- MWN (Amazon reviews)

In What I Love About You, Susan Farrington shows what it means for an adult to really see a child. It's about a care giver's expression of love for letting a child just be and appreciating the outcome. The illustrations are expressive, whimsical and celebrate diversity. The rich detail and unique treatment of every image makes me want to look at this book again and again, share it with my lower elementary class and recommend it whole heartedly to parents.

ATM (Amazon review)

I love this book!!! My son makes me read it over and over to him. The beautiful, whimsical illustrations and sweet text are just perfect for describing how a child is loved by the adults around them. Perfect bedtime book or just for reading with a little one on your lap. So happy I found it! (Amazon review)

A Love Letter To October

I have always loved October. Everything about it makes me happy. This book is a reflection on my        appreciation for this special time of year.

Self-published and available by contacting

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